2016 Award Winners                                                                        2015 AWARD WINNERS



From left to right:

First row:  Alana Styer, Chan Hsu, McKenna Lewis, Shania Weiss, Cassidy Yatsko
Second row: Sara Britt, Heidi Herr, Tierra Teter, Regina Miner, Joy Claypoole, Michelle DuBois
Not pictured:  Kaitlyn Jarry, Madeline Rausch, Kaitlin Viernes, Savanah Frisk


Since 2009 the club has awarded over $103,000 to 87 outstanding individuals embarking on their college journeys or skills training certification. 

"The scholarship program is one of our most important and impactful projects.  We see high achievers on the island move into their power, forge their own path and become successful. Zonta's mission is to empower women through service and advocacy, so we are excited to help women with their education.” 
~ Karen Abubo, Scholarship Committee Chairperson

“The Zonta Club of Hanalei is an organization of beautiful, empowering, and generous women who have helped myself and many others to achieve things beyond what we thought possible.  These women have blessed me with more than just the means to pay for tuition; they have become my role models, my friends, and my support system.” 
~ Shania Weiss, Zonta Club of Hanalei Scholarship Three Time Recipient 2014, 2015 & 2016



Individuals graduating from high school as well as university/college students pursuing an undergraduate degree are eligible.  High school graduates pursuing a skills training certificate may also apply.

From left to right:

Top row:  Sweetie Tagudin, Meihong Lin, Kelli Jim, McKenna Lewis, Kira Fores
Middle row: Julia Hirano, Frances Morden, Makenna Olson, Shania Weiss
Front row:  Sara Morimoto, Athena Abadilla, Rukiyah Walker, Alyssa Fujiuchi, Kasey Emoto
Not pictured:  Joy Claypoole, Ritikaa Kumar, Emma Leary and Cassidy Yatsko


From left to right:

First row:  Frances Morden, Allison Domenden, Wylie Barker, Shania Weiss
Second row: Cristina McLaughlin, Malia Hickey, Cassidy Yatsko
Third row:  McKenna Pasqua, Lauren Claypoole, Autumn Warnock, Joy Claypoole
Not pictured:  Sarah Britt, Alisha Hunt, Kaitlyn Jarry, McKenna Lewis